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Our Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems continuously monitor tyre air pressure.

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

If your tyre pressure drops more than 20% below manufacturer-recommended levels, the system will alert you with a visual and/or audible warning inside your car.

A flashing TPMS light on your dash indicates a problem and could mean a broken sensor – something we can easily fix. A static (not flashing) light indicates that one of your tyres has low pressure and may need repairing or replacing. Again, etyres can help you with this.

Why choose DG Tyre Sevices ?

At DG Tyres we understand TPMS. We offer an easy, convenient mobile service to replace your broken sensors for a genuinely low price. We care about getting you and your family swiftly and safely back on the road. That's why we have designed our expert TPMS sensor replacement service to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible, saving you time, hassle and money. All our sensor prices are fully inclusive of fitting, programming and VAT.

Furthermore, as galvanic corrosion – caused by the use of brass valve cores inside an aluminium stem – is a common cause of sensor failure, etyres only ever fit higher-quality, nickel plated valve cores.

TPMS sensors & servicing

How much will a new sensor cost?
etyres will fit and programme a new TPMS sensor for only £69 (incl. VAT).

How much will servicing cost?
To prolong the life of your sensors, we recommend having them serviced when you change your tyres. We can replace important components, including the TPMS core, rubber grommet and valve retaining nut, so they continue to provide an air-tight seal.

Our sensor service kits start from £9.90.
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Why do sensors need replacing or servicing?

Sensor batteries last for around 5-7 years or approximately 100,000 miles. The batteries are irreplaceable, so when they fail, a new sensor is required. Sensors may need replacing sooner if the tyres have been underinflated for a long time.

Furthermore, without servicing, TPMS sensors are prone to corrosion. Having your sensors serviced (replacing important components if necessary) when you have new tyres fitted means you can avoid the expense of prematurely replacing a sensor.
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Benefits of TPMS

The primary function of TPMS is safety. Underinflated tyres cause most tyre blowouts; TPMS technology reduces the risk of this by quickly alerting you to potentially dangerous changes in tyre pressure.

The continuous monitoring of tyre pressure also simplifies tyre maintenance and saves drivers hassle. It can be easy to forget to check your tyre pressures, which makes TPMS invaluable for providing additional safety.

In addition to improving safety, TPMS can save you money by improving fuel efficiency and prolonging tyre life. This, in turn, has the added benefit of being kinder to the environment.
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